Cape Breton Cause-Why

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Cape Breton Cause-Why: A one act play

Opening scene

A run-down corner store: two girls chat in front, holding cones

Mary: S’bridge

Beth: S’not a bridge

Mary: S’bridge. S’big bridge

Beth: S’not a bridge. My teacher said so.

Mary: Oh yeah!? What’s she know? She build bridges?

Beth: She been everywhere. She been to Halfax. ‘n Angonish. ‘n she took a vacation once ta tha Sunrise Trail. She tole me.

Mary: Yeah. OK. But whats she know bout bridges?

Beth: When she went up there she went over the Causeway. ‘N she said it wan’t a bridge like lotsa people say.

Mary: So what is it then?

Beth: My teacher Ms. McInnis says “It’s a causeway.” Bridges got a “span” she said.

Mary: Spam! Yer teacher says bridges is made of spam? That’s stupid.

Beth: Not “spam”. “Span”. Means it goes over the water. A causeway goes through the water. That’s what she says.

Mary: My uncle George got a bridge.

Beth: Yeah so what. Lotsa people got bridges. Where’s his go?

Mary: Right in his mouth dear, right in his mouth (ha, ha).

Beth: You don’t know nothin. Y’know that. You don’t know nothin.

Mary: I say it’s a bridge just like that bridge they built to Pee-e-eye.

Beth: S’not a bridge either.

Mary: E-l-i-z-a-b-e-t-h. That one goes over tha water!

Beth: That one’s a “fixed link” – my teacher says. They call it the “flink.”

Mary: So do they make flinks from spam too? (ha,ha,ha)

Beth: Teacher says the reason you are not getting ahead Mary Louise is because you are what she calls “cynical.” And because you are “cynical” Mary Louise, maybe you otta get the flink outta here and leave us alone.

Mary: That suits me fine Lizzie Bee. Cause I’m gonna cross the causeway. I’m gonna walk on the water just like that causeway does. Just like Jesus Christ Beth. Yep. I’m gonna walk on water, right up there and tell them what I think. That I don’t give a shit whether it’s a flink, a causeway, a bridge or the gates to hell. It’s  my way outta here Beth baby. And I’m takin it.


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