E-steddfod: Arrival at Anglesey, or “All About Anchovies”

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A winner of the (on-line, and no longer active) E-steddfod. The challenge was to create a very long sentence with every word beginning with the letter “A.”

As you can see, it’s easier than you would think! (Well, not really). I was able to even get an “A” footnote in.

Arrival at Anglesey, or “All About Anchovies”

Anne, arriving at Amlwch and addressing Arlene, asked, “Are anchovies acceptable as an aliment?”

Arlene, aghast at Anne’s annoying arrogance, answered angrily: “Anecdotally, anchovies are an Andalusian antipasto augmentation. Ask anyone.  Around Anglesey, anchovy addicts are arrant.”

Abhorring acrimony, Anne advised apologetically, “Arlene, April’s Appétit Americane argued anchovies are an agreeable appurtenance, apropos abrogating atrophy.” Arlene answered animatedly (and absurdly), “Ah! Americans. An aberration, admiring all arthropods.”[1]

Abruptly, all argument abated.  An agitated Aberporth alumnus attracted attention, altercating Arlene’s asinine assurances.

“Assumption,” attested Aberporth’s Aidan, “augments ambiguity and adversity. Astute analysis augurs advantage. And anchovies are awesome alimentation! All Aberporthians agree.”

Assuaged, Anne ate an anchovy.

[1] Arachnids are arthropods. Anchovies are an approximation

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