E-steddfod The Letter “D”

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The challenge! Write a sentence or sentences with every word beginning with the letter D.

Documentary Details: Debenham’s Denbigh Decision

(Discarding dissention, diplomacy decides day)

Dissent, derision dominated Donnybrook deliberations, debilitating Dwain Debenham’s destiny. Despite divergence, dozens deemed debt decidedly destructive. “Denizens demand decision, direction,” denoted delegates.

“Dragons decide, dilettantes dither. Don’t dawdle!” declared Dr. Dafydd Davies’ daughter Delyth, deploring delay. “Ditto!” drawled Dai Dafis, dozing. Departing, demonstrating determined demeanour despite deep despondency, Dylan Davidson declared “doscendo discimus.”

Deservedly designated dominus, doughty Debenham doggedly dovetailed division, distillating decision. Delicate dexterity defined Dwain’s dictum: “Decree Dewisant!”  Dauntless, Dwain’s dignity debunked discord. Dubitation descended  – despite diametrical differences. Delegates decried doom, deploring derelict doxy. Denaturalized, demulcent delegates depicted delight. Dwain’s depurated deputation departed deliriously.

Dawn duffed Dwain’s destiny. Dwain dined, devouring dinner, delighted.

Domine Deus

David G. Jones

Family originating in Tredegar


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