E-steddfod – The letter “S”

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The challenge: write a sentence or sentences with every word beginning with the letter "S"

St. Stephen’s Suspense

“Silence!” scolded sharp-tongued Sister Samantha, shaking Sharon’s slouched shoulder, simultaneously scrutinizing six shamefaced senior students sulking sedentarily, since she seized several suspicious satchels, submerged since Sunday. “So, Sharon, speak swiftly, since St. Stephen’s suspends stealthy students.”

Sorry, Sister,” said Sharon submissively. “Summarily. Suppose somebody stole St. Stephen’s sunflower seeds? Stripped sometime Sunday, surreptiously shipped, scheming substantial sales, should St. Stephen’s students suffer silently? Surely Sister, surety’s supreme.” Sonorously, Sister Samantha shared similar sentiments.

“So,” said Sharon, “seven students swooped, seizing substantial self-evident swag! Success. Subsequently stymied. Summer’s spent. Solution! Save sunflower seeds….spring sowing…..surprise Sister!”

Stoic Sister Samanta stood, shamed. “Sharon, students…..sardonic schoolteachers shouldn’t show such spiteful symptoms. Sometimes students subordinate staff, showing superior sophistication. Someday, someone should share such sagacious sentiments.”

Sharon smiled softly, signaling serenity.


Bonus – a couple of added contributions I made to a St. David’s Day event:

Limerick: A Methodist preacher called Glyn  
A Methodist named Glyn took the call.
He said, "I can preach, and teach and all!"
But his church found our with great sadness
There was much less Methodism than madness

When he appeared with naught, but a shawl.


Hills on top

Valleys below
I see my country in my hands.

(This is a visual poem. Start with hands extended palms down, then turn your palms up)

Humorous Epitaph
Here would lie
John Jones
If we could 
catch up with him.


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