Exposes in The School of Sun Tzu

This exhaustive study of The Art of War (Ping-fa); the Tao Te Ching; the founding of the Chinese Empire; and China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi – reveals a great deal that has been repressed, or mis-understood since the fall of the first empire. Some of these exposes include:

1. The first empire was founded through peaceful means – in fact through a philosophy and process developed by learned academies established by the state of Qin of the ancient Middle Kingdom.

2. These academies included the School of Sun Tzu and the School of Lao Tzu. There were never characters of that name who wrote famous treatises on the subjects of governance and strategic management. “Art of War” is a mis-translation.

3. The first empire established revolutionary standards in public service, leadership and governance. It terminated a long standing tradition of feudalism and ushered in an era of peace and prosperity.

4. The first emperor was a genius who knew how and where to find the help he needed to end war and found a nation of peace. He has likely never been equalled in recorded history.

5. The first emperor and the first empire were discredited by the succeeding second (Confucian) empire. The Confucian conspiracy convinced analysts and writers – for 2300 years – that Ping-fa was about war, and that Qin was ruled by a tyrant who battled his way to history. These analyses are unsupported nonsense.

6. Ping-fa and the Tao Te Ching are a legacy for Planet Earth for the sensible management of organizations and the management of inter-organizational (and international) relations without conflict.


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