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Leaders of Organizations: The Chief

These notes are taken from my version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War (more correctly known as Bing-fa), a version that demonstrates that Sun Tzu’s objectives were all about competent organizational and relationship management, undertaken without the waste and losses of conflict. Notes on Organizational Leadership Chiefs are the personification of the organization. Cleary noted […]

Sun Tzu: Training the Imperial Concubines

Training the Imperial Concubines “Training the Imperial Concubines” is found in the Shih Chi (see below). There it is alleged to be “Sun Tzu’s biography,” while other commentators state it is a demonstration of Sun Tzu’s ruthlessness before the king of Wu. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that the story “proves” […]

A Project Charter (Generic) for Organizations

  Project Charter Document (Generic) Project Name:        The ————– Initiative. Product/Process: To develop a preferred resolution of —————(challenge). Prepared By Document Owner(s) Project/Organization Role Project Lead Project Supervisor Senior Executive or Board of Directors Project Sponsor   Project Charter Version Control Version Date Author Change Description 1 2     TABLE OF CONTENTS 1    PROJECT […]

My Job Application

For a vacancy at the library I am riting to aske if you don’t want me to be The person you chews for the job at the librarie I have sean many books and know what they luk like And I am very gud at stakking and lining up rite Im ready and willing and […]

Vision, Values and Victory

Some organizational analysts claim that modern business organizations can trace their structure and functional arrangement from army models. The command and control structures of the battlefield were, they argue, the genesis of office roles, definitions of general responsibilities and standards of “appropriate” performance.  In this view, “leadership,” “teams,” “tasks,” “directions,” and “objectives” may better reflect […]

The Entrepreneur

His name was “Sam.” He was an entrepreneur. This is one of the many stories told about him. “You see this!”, he shouted, “that’s the only thing that’s etched in stone around here!”  He was furious, understandably so. I had transgressed the most holy of Sam’s dictums. Sadly, it was one of my own as […]

Global Governance

Panel on Global Governance Royal Roads University February 23, 2004  Emergence of a new meaning When I started putting some thoughts down on paper about “governance” I went first to my Canadian Oxford Dictionary to check the definition. I saw there that it was “the act or office of governing – so far so good […]

Wales, and Industry

Industry In far-gone times we tilled the soil Then coal and steel was our main toil. And where the soil was not so good Sheep ranged, for our clothes and food. While artisans sewed and built and carved Artists performed, and almost starved. There were shops to run and children to teach Wood to cut, […]

Fort McMurray 1980 – A Retrospective

(Remembering a time long ago – when I was the Fort McMurray City Manager). It was arguably, the biggest and best birthday party a community of its size ever had. On September 1, 1980, the New Town of Fort McMurray “skipped a grade” and became a city. It moved in one fell swoop from a […]

Comtrollership: Back to the (Office of the) Future

Comptrollers are re-engineering their profession and they want us to know about it. They say they are at a, “Comptrollership Crossroads—Working Smarter for Better Results.” “Comprollership” may be well established and much appreciated, but it suffers from a very low profile. Comptrollers are driving both a new, more managerially grounded definition of the discipline, but […]

Vera, and Arthur

“Undue physical manipulation could void my warranty!” said the muffled voice from under the bed clothes.  Vera paused only in what she was doing for the briefest moment.  Humour from Arthur was almost unprecedented, unknown for him in the throes of passion. He was an accountant, a typical representative of his species. If Arthur thought […]

The School of Sun Tzu: Winning Empires without War

Notice of Publication Author: David G. Jones B.A., M.A., Fellow of the University of King’s College Awards: Designated a “Rising Star” and “Editor’s Choice” by iUniverse Format: 5.5×8.5 Perfect Bound Price: Hardcover $37.95; Softcover $27.95; eBook $3.99 Availability: iUniverse.com and Amazon.com; the author Page Count: 420 Category: HIS027000 Lessons for negotiators, relationship managers, national leaders […]

The Meaning of Ping-fa (often referred to as Sun Tzu: The Art of War)

The picture is of Qin Shi Huang, first emperor of China – and that’s what Ping-fa is all about – not about combat, but about empire building. Qin Shi Huang assembled the brightest minds from the known world and established academies of learning in the kingdom of Qin where they faced noble objectives: find a […]

The Organizational Chief

 The Chief: What Sun Tzu (Ping-fa) calls a “Sovereign” [This is an excerpt from my just published book called The School of Sun Tzu – available at: http://tinyurl.com/897kb6p I have developed, from the Ping-fa and Tao the Ching, extrapolations concerning key organizational roles. These are somewhat intuited from these texts; however the suggested profiles for […]

Picturing KM (and associated variables)

Getting a handle on the slippery and elusive field of KM is not easy. But sometimes, there are ways that traction can be gained………..herewith some thoughts emanating from my decade long – and now published – research on Ping-fa, the Tao Te Ching and the First Empire of China – all of which is about knowledge / intelligence management and strategic planning (and management). http://tinyurl.com/btn3e9y

The Bad Boss (all about bullies)

An element in toxic workplaces

“Where the Hell did you learn basic procedures?” he thundered. By now everyone on the floor knew that I had submitted an unsigned and undated petty cash voucher. “But,” I protested, “it’s just a lousy $6 claim for office supplies.” I should have stopped there but I didn’t. “And besides nobody else in this department […]

Confronting Chaos (Theory)

..........a manager's view

NOTE: The URLs and footnotes in  this essay may be inoperative. Apologies. Introduction A few years ago, on a cold February evening, a group of managers from a variety of sectors met and thought on the notion of chaos. They viewed new models such as the “Sierpinski Triangle” and visited new places such as the […]

The Fifth Dimension

KM in Information Science (Librarianship)

I recently addressed an international gathering of librarians and information scientists on the subject of knowledge management.[1] In researching my subject, I discovered other issues that seemed in need of commentary before this audience. One was the profession of librarianship itself, though quite out of scope for my presentation. I am not trained in, or […]

Hurdles and Helpers in Organizational KM

Who is on board? Who isn't?

Preamble  Many who have initiated, or tried to initiate knowledge practices or programs in their organization have been surprised by the resistance they have encountered. To the proponent, KM’s values seem self-evident. KM offers new approaches that open up communication and collaboration channels, help establish focus, and put in place new methods that should improve […]

Knowledge Management – Hit or Myth?

A paper given at ICM Knowledge Management – Toronto – September 18-20, 2000

KM has its detractors; in fact, there are more things being said against the whole notion than have been said in its defence to date. Management sages, who have seen more soups and nuts of the day than they can recall, readily dismiss the tenets of KM as “just plain common sense.” Occupying a wide […]

Under Six Virtual Feet

Information Management at the workstation level

We work in a wired world. Those who have been in the office workplace for a number of years know that times have changed, dramatically. In days gone by our desks were cluttered with “circ files” that contained volumes of paper – originals, hard to read carbon copies, photos, plans, maps and all sorts of […]

When Just a Sip Becomes a Binge

Information ownership, access and privacy

Thoughts and considerations related to the (still emerging) “Information Age.”

Swamp Mists in the Noonday Sun

Commentary on the early days of the Internet

As the Internet made its way into business and industry (and as a key personal communications and research vehicle) it lost some of its historic roots while becoming more than its inventors ever dreamed it might become. Like the telephone before it, the Internet changed the face, and nature of business.

Telework: A Remote Possibility?

An examination of some of the issues around the much maligned practice of telework, and some thoughts about its viability.