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Apology. A short poem.

If I in a fog of befuddlement with feet in mouth and all senses closed sad, and desolate did not grasp the significance or even have the remotest sense of how important this evening was to you I am sorry.   ************************** If you like my poem – please give me a “LIKE”! Visit my […]

The Entrepreneur

His name was “Sam.” He was an entrepreneur. This is one of the many stories told about him. “You see this!”, he shouted, “that’s the only thing that’s etched in stone around here!”  He was furious, understandably so. I had transgressed the most holy of Sam’s dictums. Sadly, it was one of my own as […]

Global Governance

Panel on Global Governance Royal Roads University February 23, 2004  Emergence of a new meaning When I started putting some thoughts down on paper about “governance” I went first to my Canadian Oxford Dictionary to check the definition. I saw there that it was “the act or office of governing – so far so good […]

Glace Bay (Nova Scotia) Place Names

Last week I was browsing in a book and print shop on Ottawa’s Sparks Street mall. I thumbed through stacks of antique posters, old prints and lovely coloured pictures of Canada from long ago.  There, suddenly, were a series of three lovely old prints, mounted on a card, with the notation “Caledonia Colliery, Glace Bay, […]

La gestion du savoir (GS) – Une trouvaille ou un mythe?

Document présenté à l’occasion de la conférence du groupe ICM axée sur la gestion du savoir – Toronto – 18‑20 septembre 2000 La GS a ses détracteurs; en fait, à ce jour, il se dit davantage de choses contre cette notion qu’il ne s’en dit pour la défendre. Les maîtres du domaine de la gestion qui […]

University of King’s College: thoughts on origins

On the Origins of (the University of) King’s (College) May 1998, Encaenia Given the passage of time which causes many facts to become forgotten, it may be useful that we set down, for present and future generations, some degree of clarification in terms of the origin and foundation of King’s. This is, I think, a […]

Fort McMurray 1980 – A Retrospective

(Remembering a time long ago – when I was the Fort McMurray City Manager). It was arguably, the biggest and best birthday party a community of its size ever had. On September 1, 1980, the New Town of Fort McMurray “skipped a grade” and became a city. It moved in one fell swoop from a […]

Comtrollership: Back to the (Office of the) Future

Comptrollers are re-engineering their profession and they want us to know about it. They say they are at a, “Comptrollership Crossroads—Working Smarter for Better Results.” “Comprollership” may be well established and much appreciated, but it suffers from a very low profile. Comptrollers are driving both a new, more managerially grounded definition of the discipline, but […]

Cape Breton Cause-Why

  Cape Breton Cause-Why: A one act play Opening scene A run-down corner store: two girls chat in front, holding cones Mary: S’bridge Beth: S’not a bridge Mary: S’bridge. S’big bridge Beth: S’not a bridge. My teacher said so. Mary: Oh yeah!? What’s she know? She build bridges? Beth: She been everywhere. She been to […]

King’s – A Toast to the University – 1998……

………………………………On the Verge of the Millennium   To the President of the Graduating Class, to President Starnes, fellow graduates, fellow members of the King’s Community,  I bring you greetings from foreign lands. From Singapore, from Ottawa, and even from distant Hull. The importance of today’s date, for the graduating class, caused me to dig around […]

Vera, and Arthur

“Undue physical manipulation could void my warranty!” said the muffled voice from under the bed clothes.  Vera paused only in what she was doing for the briefest moment.  Humour from Arthur was almost unprecedented, unknown for him in the throes of passion. He was an accountant, a typical representative of his species. If Arthur thought […]

The Bad Boss (all about bullies)

An element in toxic workplaces

“Where the Hell did you learn basic procedures?” he thundered. By now everyone on the floor knew that I had submitted an unsigned and undated petty cash voucher. “But,” I protested, “it’s just a lousy $6 claim for office supplies.” I should have stopped there but I didn’t. “And besides nobody else in this department […]

Arlene Comes Home

Teenager Arlene lives at home with her mom. Her loyalties are divided and she has some unhappiness about where she lives. But in a very short time all of that sorts out……..

Confronting Chaos (Theory)

..........a manager's view

NOTE: The URLs and footnotes in  this essay may be inoperative. Apologies. Introduction A few years ago, on a cold February evening, a group of managers from a variety of sectors met and thought on the notion of chaos. They viewed new models such as the “Sierpinski Triangle” and visited new places such as the […]

Forest of Stone

My submission to the Globe and Mail / Canadian Dictionary short story competition, 2010

The competition indicated a 1000 word maximum and the use of a number of words / phrases from the Canadian Dictionary. I feel this entry surpassed that of the winner; however the judges did not seek my concurrence.

Hurdles and Helpers in Organizational KM

Who is on board? Who isn't?

Preamble  Many who have initiated, or tried to initiate knowledge practices or programs in their organization have been surprised by the resistance they have encountered. To the proponent, KM’s values seem self-evident. KM offers new approaches that open up communication and collaboration channels, help establish focus, and put in place new methods that should improve […]

When Just a Sip Becomes a Binge

Information ownership, access and privacy

Thoughts and considerations related to the (still emerging) “Information Age.”

Swamp Mists in the Noonday Sun

Commentary on the early days of the Internet

As the Internet made its way into business and industry (and as a key personal communications and research vehicle) it lost some of its historic roots while becoming more than its inventors ever dreamed it might become. Like the telephone before it, the Internet changed the face, and nature of business.